UI Design and UX Research of SearchSmartly web app

Search Smartly is a web application that works with estate agents to provide a smart property search. It uses clever technology to match lifestyle preferences – from gyms to nightlife, from amenities to commuter distances - to quickly find the ideal rental property for each customer.


As the housing market cools and competition hots up, estate agents in London needed to stand out from the crowd and provide a great added-value service to their clients. This is where SearchSmartly found their relevance. Personalising property search, and making it simple to find the right place to live in an instant, was a very exciting goal and opportunity.


The founders of SearchSmartly approached me for designing the user interface of the application. They already had a userflow done and had also created some mockups for the MVP. Hence initially, the main focus was on the visual design.

Figure 1. Initial mockups of SearchSmartly application provided by client.

Research & Analysis

Market reasearch was already conducted from the client's side and I was exposed to the results of the research process. The inference spoke specifically about the filter options and how users wanted a control over the results.


The client came up with idea and had some sketches and wireframes in hand. They had also collected some initials feedback from the users using these sketches. So I had a lot of raw materials to get started. Wireframes spoke all about the content and its placement. A fundamental user flow was quite evident in the wireframes. Now I had to cumulate a task flow for the application to base it on the user interactions.

Figure 2. Wireframes provide by the client.

Once that was done I was all set to initialise the visual design process.


Following the direstions from the client, I did my own share of reasearch in the visual design part. I searched for the colors, fonts, graphics and other elements applied in similar applications worldwide and went on creating a stylescape accumulating all these stimuli.

Figure 3. Stylescape of SearchSmartly application.


Once I gahtered all that I wanted, I started with the search results sceeen, which according to the client was the most important face of the project. We worked on multiple iterations with numerous colour options until we settled down on one. Once the inital screen was confirmed, everything was smooth and soon.
Figure 4. Search Smartly's final application design.

The website is currently under development. The client expects to release the website soon. There has been positive reseponse from all the stakeholders regarding the design and I wish the website will be ready and published for the public soon.

Manjunath has been excellent as usual. Highly responsive and a pleasure to work with. Taha Dar, Product Owner.

There is more coming for Search Smartly. Newer versions and enhanced features. So stay tuned!


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